Spring Flower TourEspecial Flores de Primavera

Spring Flower Tour

6 Days riding your horses across the flower filled mountains of Andalucia. “ I expected Southern Spain to look barren...
Cantering CuisineCocina Equina!

Cantering Cuisine

6–13 June 2015. Ask for dates Oct. 2015. A brand new adventure discovering on horseback the famous specialities of Andalucian...
Goyesca Special TourEspecial Goyesca

Goyesca Special Tour

5 Day Tour 3 full days horse riding. Evenings and 1 full day at the Goyesca Festival. “Thank you for...
Feria SpecialFeria de Jerez

Feria Special

6 Day unique experience trail riding then on to Horse Fair in Jerez. An opportunity to ride in the mountains...
Lost Valley RouteRuta del Valle Perdido

Lost Valley Route

7 days of Andalucian Adventure. April, May, September, October A wild unspoilt ride in the Upper Genal Valley. Centuries ago...
Cork Cutters’ CircuitCircuito de la Corcha

Cork Cutters’ Circuit

4 Day Horseback Trek. April, May, June, September and October Stunning views in all directions as we ride our horses...
Castle PlainsLlanuras del Castillo

Castle Plains

4/5 days Trail Ride on Horseback – April, May and June. A ride that takes us down from the mountains...
Sweet Chestnut And Wild LavenderCastaño y Lavanda Silvestre

Sweet Chestnut And Wild Lavender

4 Day Horse Riding Adventure. March, April, May, June, September, October. Your horses climb high above sleepy white Andalucian villages...
Shepherds And SmugglersPastores y Contrabandistas

Shepherds And Smugglers

2, 3 or 4 days Trail Riding Holiday. Last two weeks March, April, May, June, September, October, first two weeks...
Ride Andalucia is a specialist in horse riding holidays in Andalucia, Spain. Our tours combine some of the best horseback riding experiences while capturing the essence of Andalucia.

Imagine being atop a horse, looking out over two seas and two continents. A warm southern European sun is on your back, ‘tapas’ & local wine are waiting after an incredible day riding through the back country of Andalucia –  an unbelievable experience!

Escape into the Andalucian hills on a horseback riding adventure! Ride Andalucia offers various horse riding tours, from short 1 day tours to 3-5 day tailor-made trips for private groups to spectacular 7 day specials. Read more about our tours and pricing for our regular and special horseback riding tours here.

Follow ancient trails and hidden paths in the mountains and river gorges at the southernmost tip of Andalucia. Follow in the hoof prints of smugglers and bandits as you gaze down at the Mediterranean and Africa beyond or up to the rocky crags that surround the legendary city of Ronda. Cross forests of cork and of chestnuts, ride through wild lavender scented pastures and on to beautiful, historic ‘white villages’ to feast on local delicacies and to experience the traditional Andalucian way of life.

We provide: Contact us to discuss options. A variety of routes available, depending on the season, almost year round. We do not offer horse riding tours during July & August.
“I had a GREAT time; I thought you did an absolutely super job of organizing a truly deluxe holiday for us. The horses were amazing…” Julia – June 2014
“Ride Andalucía totally delivered with an awesome tour. The horses were tremendous, all in excellent condition, well schooled and exceptionally nimble on their feet. The riding was amazingly variable, passing through the cool chestnut and Cork forests, from scaling the mountain passes and cantering through lush river meadows, then to be greeted in the villages for the very welcome lunch stops.” Fran – May 2014