Horseback riding holidays in southern Spain

Ride Andalucia’s horseback trail rides are an unbelievable experience. From your saddle you can look out over two seas and two continents, follow ancient trails across the unspoilt mountains and valleys of Andalucia, and experience the traditional Spanish way of life.

We have carefully designed each horseback trail ride to combine some of the best horse riding in Spain while capturing the very essence of Andalucia, from the historic sites and beautiful wild countryside through to the fantastic local delicacies and colourful fiestas.

Ride Andalucia has been organising horse riding holidays in Spain since 2007. We ensure our horses are extremely well schooled and well cared for so they are good natured, willing and yet sensible. They are mainly local Andalucian horses with some Criollo and Arab crosses and are bred to be sure footed in
mountainous terrain.

Our horse riding holidays vary from 1-7 days and as well as our regular itineraries we also plan annual riding trips that schedule in visits to special events such as the Goyesca Festival in Ronda. We can also tailor make a riding trail for private groups and organise itineraries for non-riders who accompany the tour. If you are a group of four to seven riders we can discuss rides tailor made for you that may not appear here.

A few words from your tour organizer/guide:

With a lifetime working with horses behind me, including a childhood in Ireland, I would never have guessed how many wonderful new experiences lay in store for me in Andalucia. Riding local horses across this wonderful country, exploring the trails used through the centuries by muleteers and horsemen, I have experienced some of the best riding of my life. When I am not leading tours I continue exploring so there is always a new ride for returning guests and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people who remember their grandparents using the trails I am rediscovering has been heart warming.

The scenery is spectacular, the horses enchanting and there is a warm welcome wherever we go.

~Karen Considine. owner/operator Ride Andalucia

A few words from Ride Andes:

Karen joined me on several of my riding trips in South America and we became great friends. Then, when I went to visit shortly after her move to Andalucia the area struck me as an amazing place to ride. I realized that Karen had been hatching a plot to lead riding tours and it was such a pleasure to help her set up and join her on the first ‘guinea pig’ rides in September 2008..I return at least once a year now and I STILL CANNOT GET OVER THE UNIQUENESS OF SITTING ON A HORSE AND LOOKING OUT OVER A SEA TO ANOTHER CONTINENT!

~Sally Vergette owner/operator Ride Andes

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